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Custom Textile Products

One of the main advantages of being textile manufacturers is that it allows us to offer a wide range of customization possibilities in the garments we make, always adapting to the needs of our clients. There are various methods for this. Do you know what they are and the differences between them?

Different textile customization techniques

At Textiles Rumbo we always use the most appropriate technique to meet the requirements of our customers and the product.


It is, perhaps, one of the best known. It is created by sewing the threads (which can be of different colors) on the fabric to form the desired design.

Its main advantage is that it can be used in the vast majority of fabrics, offering great resistance while providing a touch of distinction to the garment.


This type of weaving inherits the name of Joseph Marie Jacquard, who invented this technique in 1801.

Unlike embroidery, jacquard is not made by sewing the threads onto the fabric, but by varying the position of the threads that make it up. In this way, we obtain a design without so much relief, which brings elegance to the garment, as well as great durability.


It is the technique that allows to achieve a greater number of designs and a greater complexity of them. There are two types of stamping: positional (a design in a certain place on the garment) or continuous or rotary (a pattern that is continuously repeated on the fabric, creating so a complete design).

The transfer is the simplest method. It consists of printing the design on a specific paper support and then transferring it to the garment using heat and pressure. This technique allows the printing of designs in full color.

Screen printing consists of directly printing the image on the garment using a template that prevents the ink from being impregnated in the wrong place. As it is printed directly on the textile, it gives the design greater elasticity.

Customized textile products

Reasons for customizing

Personalization is particularly important in products such as towels, sheets, pillowcases or bedspreads, since they are garments that cannot be missing in any room or bathroom. Brand image is essential in any company. And, in the case of the hospitality or health sector, taking care of this image reverts very positively to the trust of the client or patient towards the brand.

In addition, it brings exclusivity to the product by providing a touch of elegance and distinction, showing your brand to the world and thus differentiating itself from the competition.

Customized towels

Towels are an essential element in any hotel room, hospital, residence … And, for any of these centers, there is no better way to differentiate themselves from the rest than by making personalized towels with their name or logo available to their users.

In this type of product we offer the possibility of customization by embroidery or jacquard. In this way, additionally to the elegance and enhancement of the brand, we optimize the useful life of the garment.

Customized sheets

We could not miss the bedding, another of the essential elements in any room -and one of the most important-, since it is on which we base our rest. At Textiles Rumbo we offer all kinds of personalized sheets by printing or embroidery. In addition, we can improve the image and elegance of the set by adding trims or scallops to them.

Customized textile products

But customization does not end with the design and the image. Any textile product that we manufacture can be made according to the needs of each client. In this way we can adapt to them in the making and the type of fabric used, measurements, shapes, different types of closure (zippers, envelope, buttons… especially in mattress and pillow covers and protectors), etc. The possibilities are practically endless, so just tell us your idea and we will carry it out!