About us

Specialized in textiles for hostelry and healthcare

Iberoamericana de Hilados y Tejidos (Iberosa)

Iberoamericana de Hilados y Tejidos (Iberosa) was created almost 30 years ago by a group of entrepreneurs with more than 40 years of experience in the textile sector.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain) and we are specialized in the sale of raw and finished fabrics, bedding sets and distribution of textiles for hotels and healthcare.

As manufacturers, we make products that meet the needs of each client, from special measurements, finishings, possibility to customize with logo prints or embroidery.

Textiles Rumbo

In 2017 Iberoamericana de Hilados y Tejidos (Iberosa) acquires Textiles Rumbo, S.L., the successor to Manufacturas Textiles Rumbo, S.A. founded in 1950.

With the acquisition of Textiles Rumbo, Iberosa reinforces the textiles range for healthcare, since Textiles Rumbo is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of waterproof and reusable bedding and mattress protection for hospitals and nursing homes.


Being a company dedicated to the manufacture of garments for the home, health and hospitality industry, offering a flexible and innovative offer to national and international markets.


We want to be an agile, innovative and sustainable organization to occupy a space within the group of leading companies in the sector at national and European level and to be recognized for our high level of quality, efficiency and service.


Our values are based on working with honesty, professionalism and corporate social responsibility to offer quality service and products to our clients.

Our products comply with all European quality standards, so we have clients throughout the European Community, as well as in America and Central Asia.

In our facilities we have more than 6.000 sqm, with lot of ready-made stock, in order to enhance fast customer service.