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Duvet cover 150 thread count Polyester/Cotton percale

White duvet cover made of 150-thread count percale fabric (50% polyester and 50% cotton).

The percale fabric stands out for its natural touch, its durability, excellent breathability and it is easy to wash, dry and iron.  In addition, its anti-pilling finish prevents it from the formation of small knots of fibers on the surface. It is a bag style duvet cover, which comes with hand holes on both sides of the duvet just below the top corners, which make the changeover easier. 

White bedding is the most popular choice of bedding; white sheets give the impression of cleanliness, freshness and luminosity, giving your room an elegant look.

Technical characteristics

  • 150 threads
  • 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton
  • Percale fabric
  • White color
  • Good breathability
  • Anti-pilling Finish ( to prevent the formation of small knots of fibers on surface of the fabric)
  • Long durability
  • Easy to wash, dry and iron


Bed size> Duvet cover size
Bed 90 cm> Duvet cover 160 × 275 cm
Bed 105 cm > Duvet cover 190 × 275 cm
Bed 135/140 cm> Duvet cover 240 × 275 cm
Bed 150/160 cm> Duvet cover 260 × 275 cm
Bed 180 cm> Duvet cover 280 × 275 cm
Bed 200 cm> Duvet cover 300 × 275 cm

Washing instructions

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