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Water soluble laundry bags

These Water Soluble Laundry Bags dissolve completely in hot water from temperature of 60° C up, leaving no waiste.

Water soluble bags provide a hygienic storage facility for soiled or contaminated clothing prior to laundry, thus protecting the staff from risk of contamination, COVID-19 contamination as well.

Once filled and sealed with self-adhesive tape, also water soluble and biodegradable, they can be placed directly into the washing machine. They do not cause environmental problems and minimise the risk of cross contamination as there is no direct exposure to infectious diseases for soiled linen handlers.  The water soluble laundry bags are for use in hospitals and other healthcare institutions, as they comply with the hygienic-sanitary requirements of these institutions, reducing hazards associated with washing of soiled and contaminated clothing.

Technical characteristics

  • Safe product (not toxic) and easy to use
  • Its decomposition is easy and fast
  • Does not leave lumps on clothes
  • Works as an odor barrier
  • Free of microplastics
  • Free of Polyolefins of PE-PVC-PP-PS
  • Biodegradable and quick to integrate into the environment
  • Soluble in hot water from 60º
  • Recommended maximum load: 12 kg
  • Thickness: 25 microns
  • Size: 66x84cm
  • Bags of 100 units


66 x 84 cm

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