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Sanitary bedding pack

We want to show you one of the innovations we presented with great success at the last National Congress of Dependency and Health: the BASIC+ Pack.

Leaders in residences and hospitals

At Textiles Rumbo we like to listen to our customers. That’s why we’ve designed this set that includes the products most demanded by the residences and hospitals we collaborate with.

With them you can turn any bed into a fully equipped sanitary bed, without unnecessary luxuries, but without giving up a shred to our usual quality, which allows us to offer very tight prices.

This set improves the comfort and safety of both patient and their caregivers. At the same time, it protects the mattress from all kinds of stains and moisture, keeping the bed clean and dry. This way it helps to improve its hygienic and sanitary performance to extend the life of the same.


The BASIC+ pack consists of a comfortable medium density memory foam mattress equipped with a custom-made sanitary case. It has treatment against fungi and bacteria, in addition to being a fire retardant fabric, waterproof and breathable, so that the patient will enjoy greater hygiene as well as great comfort and safety.

It also includes a pillow specially designed to sleep on the back of siliconed hollow fiber. This type of fiber facilitates air circulation, evaporating moisture this way. This high breathability confers it anti-allergic properties, while silicone treatment gives it an extra soft feel and greater comfort. It is protected by a waterproof terry cotton protective case with breathable, waterproof and absorbent polyurethane membrane.

To increase the hygiene of the set, you will also find two “Toronto Plus” incontinence bed pads. It is our most demanded model: it is reusable and is made of of 4 layers of polyester reinforced with polyurethane membrane. Polyester composition helps to accelerate drying, while polyurethane reinforcement makes the product more elastic, smoother and quieter. This bed pad assures a high absorption capacity (3.15l/m2) and is made with wings to facilitate its fit to the mattress preventing it from moving to increase patient comfort.


In order to avoid any injuries to the patient, the BASIC+ pack includes two protectors for side railings that with foam core and a polyester and polyurethane cover with fire retardant, antibacterial, antifungal and waterproof treatment.


The pack is complemented by two complete sets of bedding each consisting of:

  • Top sheet
  • Fitted sheet
  • Pillowcase
  • Bedspread
  • Polar blanket

Both sheets and pillowcase are composed of cotton and polyester percal fabric. This fabric provides excellent breathability and facilitates washing, drying and ironing. They are also customizable with the logo print or customer name by screen printing or embroidering.

The bedspread, also made of cotton and polyester, is soft, light and very resistant, ideal for warmer months; and for the colder months you will find a warm polar blanket, with a weight of 350gr/m2 and that counts with non-flammability certification following ISO12952.