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Interview on

We have recently been interviewed by, one of the reference websites in the healthcare sector which we could not miss as textile manufacturers for geriatrics and residences.

This kind of websites are essential to keep us up to date with the news in the sector. For us they are also especially useful when it comes to keeping the geriatric residences we collaborate with informed of the solutions we can offer them in the sanitary textile, both in bedding and mattress protection as well as in clothing for patients and sanitary staff, without forgetting our range of textile products for the bathroom, table and kitchen.

As we have wanted to emphasize in this publication, we are manufacturers and distributors that also offer a local service, providing solutions to the needs of each of our customers. And it is that for s there is no large or small client. In addition, the fact of being manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of sanitary textile products and garments, as well as many possibilities of customizing them according to the needs of each residence.

Healthcare textile manufacturers also for clinics and hospitals

All of that without forgetting our presence in the health sector, to which we have offered our maximum support with protective clothing for the sanitary personnel who have been on the front line during this crisis. Products such as reusable waterproof textile gowns or disposable waterproof coveralls has been the most important ones in this regard.

Certified healthcare textile

Our sanitary products comply with European quality standards, which allows us to have customers throughout the European Community, as well as in America and Central Asia.

Furthermore, all of our sanitary textile products have the OEKO-TEX® certificate that guarantees that the fabrics used in their confection are free of any kind of harmful to health substances.

You can read the fully interview by clicking here!