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Stopper Interlock/PU Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Anti-bed bug mattress cover, waterproof and breathable. Great choice for residential institutions.

Mattress protector made of 100% polyester Interlock fabric with a polyurethane coating which prevents the entry or escape of bed bugs. Waterproof velcro zipper closure.

The “STOPPER” mattress cover provides maximum protection through a physical barrier that completely prevents the free movement of bed bugs, so that they cannot enter or leave.

All this, together with proper maintenance of the “STOPPER” mattress cover and the rest of the resting equipment elements, will allow this area to be perfectly sanitized.

Technical characteristics

  • 100% Polyester knitted fabric
  • PU (Polyurethane) coating
  • Waterproof velcro zipper closure


Washing instructions


This mattress cover has the OEKO-TEX® certificate that ensures that the textiles used in the production of the product are completely free of any type of substance harmful or harmful to health.

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