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Tencel mattress protector: your most healthy rest

Tencel™ is natural, ecological and provides countless advantages, making Tencel mattress protector and pillowcase the best choice in both summer and winter due to their thermoregulatory properties.
Tencel mattress protector - Textiles Rumbo

Tencel mattress protector: our most natural one

Tencel™ is the registered trademark of Lyocell fiber, 100% vegetable and ecological obtained from the pulp of wood, usually eucalyptus. It is a 100% natural fiber that is obtained through a manufacturing process totally respectful with the environment. Wood is extracted from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, and water used during the spinning process is recycled. And, additionally of being environmentally friendly, our Tencel mattress protector also provides countless advantages to its user. Discover them below!

Thermoregulatory Tencel Mattress Protector that take care of your health

It is a fabric with a moisture absorption capacity 50% greater than that of cotton. Therefore, by controlling humidity, our Tencel mattress protector limits the growth of bacteria, in addition to absorbing perspiration, increasing the feeling of freshness. These thermoregulatory properties are obtained in a 100% natural way given the characteristics of the fibers of Tencel fabric, which is why they are free of encapsulated chemicals that only provide a temporary sensation of freshness. Being a thermoregulatory product, it adapts to the ambient temperature whatever the time of year to provide a feeling of well-being, it is one of our most versatile products!

The softness of Tencel™ fabric

But in addition to all these advantages, Tencel fabric also provides extreme softness. It is a light fabric, pleasant and silky to the touch, much softer than others in similar appearance such as cotton. In addition, its softness is much more resistant and durable than in the case of cotton; making Tencel™ fabric one of the most appropriate in making sleep products ideal for sensitive or delicate skin, such as Tencel mattress protector and protective pillowcase.

Tencel Mattress protector “2-in-1”

At Textiles Rumbo, as manufacturers, we can customize our textile products with a wide range of measures and Tencel mattress protector and Tencel pillowcase, all of them elastic and adaptable, could not be less. Whatever the size of your mattress or pillow, we will adapt to it!

In addition to being soft, absorbent and breathable, our Tencel mattress protector and Tencel pillowcases incorporate a polyurethane membrane that waterproofs them, which helps to preserve hygiene at all times allowing you to enjoy a healthy rest.

Thanks to their softness and pleasant touch, they are protectors that also fulfill their functions as waterproof fitted sheets, a 2-in-1 product! And, likewise, pillowcases also serve as pillow protectors.

Like all our sanitary textile products, they meet the high demands required to obtain the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate (nº 20190K1680), which guarantees that they are free of any kind of harmful substances and may even be in direct contact with the delicate skin of a baby with complete safety.

Discover our Tencel mattress protector and Tencel 2-in-1 pillow cover!